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What is Feature Points?

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Feature Points is an app created to reward you points for installing and using apps. Those points can be redeemed for many rewards including giftcards like Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. However, the Feature Points are very tedius to get because downloading an app only gives you a couple of points. Thankfully, with our hack for Feature Points, you'll be able to get amazing amounts of points nearly instantly.

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That's right. There's no limit to the amount of Feature Points you can generate! The lack of Feature Points is a widespread problem, sometimes we just don't have the time to get apps or share or referral code. Other times, there's simply no more app offers available. This hack solves all those problems. Our online generator for Feature Points is a great tool for those looking to get the Feature Points they need.

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So you just generated tons of Feature Points using our hack. What now? Well, if you check out the rewards section, you can get some pretty fantastic rewards. Feature Points offers Amazon gift cards, iTunes and Google Play gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Xbox and Playstation Gift Cards, Paypal gift cards, and a whole ton more! You can even redeem devices like an iPad sometimes. These rewards let you buy things for your favorite things to do like playing Clash Royale, sipping an Espresso at Starbucks, buying new games to play, or even buying points for some of your other games. The uses are limitless.

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Our names will remain anonymous for obvious security reasons. We are a team formed from the college dorms of UC Berkely. Over the years of studying cyber security we expanded our knowledge of hacking. This hack is the third of many of our projects.

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If we made this Feature Points hack have a cost it would barely make any difference in our bank accounts. With our large knowledge of hacking, we've been working for major underground corporations that pay big bucks.